The Long Road to Kickstarter

Rowland, Mark and I have been working on Will to Survive since our sophomore year of college. Now four years later, having graduated, we’re able to work on the game more consistently.

As really any game should, Will to Survive has gone through countless iterations which has shaped the game over the years. While we still need to work out a few kinks — at the moment the game swings between either being too difficult or too easy  — we’re making great progress.

Over time, you’ll read blog posts from myself (Kelsey “Keshie” King), Rowland Brown, and Mark Rubeo. I’ll be covering Omen Games from a business, research, and marketing perspective, linking to various articles and resources that I’ve found helpful in planning. And eventually I hope to write my own “Kickstarter Advice” series as others have done.

It’s a long road ahead, but so many before me are eager to teach new developers and give newbies the tools they need to improve their chance of success. Once we’re a little further along in development, Rowland and Mark will be posting more regularly about design and other musings. For now I’ll explain some reasoning behind business/marketing decisions. Quite new to this, I look forward to advice & counterarguments in the comments.



The Long Road to Kickstarter

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